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Hot Tub and Pool Wiring

As a homeowner, few things are more exciting than upgrading your property with new appliances and amenities. Just about every upgrade you make will require a reliable electrical connection. This includes hot tubs and pools. While electricity may not be the first thing...

Ceiling Fan Removal and Replacement

A modern ceiling fan not only looks great, but it can have serious benefits when it comes to temperature regulation and airflow. On the other hand, an outdated or worn-down ceiling fan can completely ruin the appearance of your favorite room. If you have ever...

Is It Time to Update Your Electrical Service?

As technology evolves, modern families become increasingly reliant on electrical equipment. When the lights go out, it feels like your entire world goes dark. Your home’s appliances allow you to prepare meals, regulate temperature, provide entertainment, and more....

Portable Generators vs. Whole-Home Generators

While it is generally known for comfortable weather, Central Connecticut still gets its fair share of winter storms and power outages. These outages typically only last for a few hours, but a severe weather event can leave you and your family in the dark for days on...

Getting Your Connecticut Home Up to Code: Reasons to Ditch Outdated Electrical Systems

Day in and day out, your home’s electrical system provides you and your family with a steady supply of power. Despite its general reliability, your home’s electrical system may be dangerously outdated. This is especially true if your panel contains push-button fuses...

Modernize Your Living Room with Recessed Lighting

Many homeowners believe that home renovations are extremely time-consuming and costly. While this is true in some cases, there are many affordable ways to modernize your home and revitalize your living space. One great option is to equip your living room with recessed...

Upgrading to Tamper-Proof Outlets

At first glance, your home’s electrical outlets might seem to be working fine. While this may be true, changes to building codes can make upgrading your existing outlets necessary. In the past, standard outlets could be placed throughout the home. Over the years,...

Do you Need An Emergency Backup Generators in your home?

Hurricanes aren’t limited to the southern gulf states. Connecticut and other states on the eastern seaboard are also hit by large storms. Tropical storm Isaias left residents without power for over a week from New York to Connecticut.  Electrical crews work as quickly...

Industrial Electrical Services

From Greenwich to Simsbury, Tranmer Electric, LLC, has solutions for all of your industrial electrical needs. We know the extra challenges that industrial environments pose, and we’ll make sure that all of our work is durable enough to meet those demands. If you need a certified industrial electrician, make Tranmer Electric, LLC, your first call.

Electrical System Upgrades and Updates

Electrical Repair and Troubleshooting

Whenever anything goes wrong with your electrical system, contact Tranmer Electric, LLC, and we’ll get started on fixing the problem right away. We’ll send a municipal, industrial electrician who will not only fix the issue, but will dig deeper to make sure that there isn’t a bigger underlying problem. We’ll make sure that your electrical troubles get fixed for good.

Electrical Safety Inspections and Evaluations

Keeping your site safe is essential to protect your employees and remain in compliance with local codes. Our technicians will inspect your system and make sure it’s running smoothly. They’ll also offer suggestions for any electrical system upgrades or updates that could increase your efficiency.

Service Upgrades

It’s important to make sure that your system can meet your power needs. You may need an upgrade to your electrical panel, especially if your panel is older. With the help of a Connecticut certified industrial electrician, we’ll make sure that your electrical system is up to the task, whether that means converting your system from fuses to breakers or increasing your overall capacity.

Industrial Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

When you’re considering your outdoor lighting, you want a design that’s both striking and durable. Our experts will work with you to design lighting that will be visually appealing while providing sufficient light to allow safe entry and exit from your building. And with LED lights, you won’t need to spend time on maintenance!

Interior Lighting

We know that industrial settings require different kinds of lighting than commercial or residential properties. That’s why the industrial electrical wiring experts at Tranmer Electric will work with you to choose the right fixtures to provide your teams with the illumination that they need to get work done well.

When we create a design, we can incorporate features such as low voltage lighting, LED conversion, and lighting retrofits. These options balance efficiency and brightness with your budget while also cutting down on time spent changing burnt-out bulbs in hard-to-reach places.

Industrial Electrical Wiring and Other Services

Wiring Installation and Upgrades

Whether you’re installing new industrial electric wiring or supplementing and replacing old lines, Tranmer Electric, LLC, can help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Industrial cabling often needs to stand up to challenging conditions, including extreme heat and cold and extra wear and tear.
We’ll send out a municipal, industrial electrician to install all of your wiring, including Ethernet, making sure it stays hidden and out of the way from any moving parts or other work zones. We also offer electrical trenching if we need to install any buried cables to your property.

TV/Display Installation

No matter what your TV or display needs may be, you can rely on Tranmer Electric, LLC, to hang and install your fixtures to your specifications. We’ll help you to choose units that will stand up to your working conditions and ensure that the displays are secure. We’ll also hide the cables to avoid unsightly wiring or accidental snag hazards.

Emergency Generators

If your worksite loses power, there’s not much you can do until it turns back on again. When installing a Generac Automatic Generator, the generator will kick on automatically when it detects an outage. That way, you don’t lose valuable work time.

Switches & Outlets

In many industrial settings, there never seem to be enough outlets. Our industrial electrical wiring experts can repair or install outlets anywhere in your building, ensuring that you have ready access to power where you need it. We’ll repair and install switches, too.

Industrial and Municipal Electrician Near Me

Our licensed and insured electricians can handle any challenge your situation might present. More importantly, we’ll make sure that you’re in compliance with local and state regulations, including making sure that you have the right permits on hand for work that is performed.

Whether you’re in West Hartford or Tolland County, you can trust Tranmer Electric, LLC, to handle all of your industrial electrical needs.

Industrial Electrical Services

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